Governor Announces Alabama Unemployment Rate Dropped

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WHNT) – There is good news to report concerning the job front in Alabama. 

Governor Robert Bentley announced today that Alabama’s preliminary November unemployment rate has gone down since October.  And two of the counties with the lowest unemployment rates are in North Alabama.

Bentley reports the unemployment rate for the state is at 7.5%.

October’s rate was 8.1%.  The state’s current unemployment rate is also below the November 2011 rate of 8.3% and below the national rate of 7.7%.  The state’s November rate represents 162,182 unemployed persons, compared to 174,867 in October and 180,003 in November 2011.

“We’re going to continue on the same path of working hard every day to recruit and attract more jobs for this state,” Governor Bentley stated in a press release.  “The unemployment rate can fluctuate given the time of year.  We are encouraged that the overall trend shows a decreasing unemployment rate, and I will continue my efforts to create more jobs until everyone who wants a job is able to find one.”

Other government officials see the numbers as an indicator that the state’s employers are expecting a strong holiday season.

Officials say retail trade employment increased by 3,700 in November, with many of those jobs in general merchandise and department stores.

They say 66 of 67 counties experienced a drop in their unemployment rate in November.

State officials report counties with the lowest unemployment rates are: Shelby County at 4.6%, Lee County and Madison County at 5.6%, and St. Clair County, Coffee County, Blount County, and Limestone County at 5.7%.  The counties with the highest unemployment rates are: Wilcox County at 15.9%, Bullock County at 14.1%, and Dallas County at 13.2%.