Thieves Cut Hole In Business To Get Inside, Steal $8,000 Worth Of Cash And Supplies

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RUSSELLVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Thieves in Franklin County get creative to load up a store's safe and make off with thousands of dollars in cash and goods.

Russellville Police say people ransacked the Fred's Super Dollar Store in the middle of the night.

The store had security cameras and an alarm system but that didn’t help in this case.

According to investigators, the thieves cut into the side of the building to get inside.

Detectives described the hole as four feet wide, on the side of the building.

Investigators believe the thieves were inside for more than an hour, but the store's alarm never sounded.

Detectives say the thieves cut the phone lines, the power, and even the wires to the security system.

“We worked another one, similar to this a few weeks ago,” said Chief Chris Hargett with the Russellville Police Department.  “Other agencies across the state called and they have had similar break-ins also, so it looks like it may be a new thing going around.”

Police say the system in place to protect the store did little good, scattered across the floor.

“It`s a concern, of course it’s that time of year.  We`re trying to step up our patrols, especially at night, when there`s no one around, but you can`t be everywhere all the time,” said Hargett.

As the thieves made off with the safe full of cash, they did leave behind a crow bar.  Detectives say this could be possible evidence to help crack the case.

According to police, the thieves got away with more than $8,000 worth of cash and supplies from the store.

If you have any information about who broke into the Fred's Super Dollar, you are asked to call the Shoals Area Crime Stoppers tipline at 256-386-8685.

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