Morgan County Schools Foundation Promotes Unity

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - Lessons in leadership. There's a leader in all of us. That's the lesson being taught in Morgan County schools where students are taking action and looking for results, to borrow a popular phrase.

"That's right. We want to be in charge of ourselves, take care of ourselves so we can get along with others," Priceville Elementary School teacher Kay Crocker tells her students. And that's just one of the leadership lessons. In fact, those same lessons are being taught at all Morgan County schools... showing initiative, taking responsibility, being proactive.

And now the newly created Morgan County Schools Foundation will put those skills to work for a project that is designed to benefit both the schools and the students.

"Morgan County Schools is being proactive in raising money so that we can make the statement that we believe in ourselves and that we're asking other people to invest in us," says Pam Jarrett. The Morgan County School Foundation is a new idea, created to help meet the needs of Morgan County schools and classrooms. They hope to raise a million dollars over the next year.

"We believe in re-investing. So it's not money that we would have sitting in the bank. We want to re-invest and it give faculty and teachers an opportunity to request grants from the foundation."

What the foundation hopes to do is put these leadership principals into practice and at the same time raise necessary funds to put back into the classroom.

Those leadership habits are taken from Stephen R. Covey's "The Leader In Me." It's a program designed to be integrated into a school's core curriculum and eventually become a part of the school's culture. The ultimate goal is to nurture the leadership talents in each of us.