Governor Offers Reward in Tuscumbia Murder

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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (WHNT) - It’s a murder investigation in Colbert County that has all but stalled out.

The Tuscumbia Police Department is now hoping there is new incentive for people with information about an elderly man’s death to come forward.

On the afternoon of August 28th, the body of 88-year-old Elbert Davis Jr. was found by friends at the bottom of a stairwell in his home.

From the beginning, Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan knew it was going to be a difficult homicide to solve.

“This case is something our investigators work on every day,” said Logan. “Following up on leads, following up on information, making sure that anything we’ve done so far we’ve covered completely.”

And according to Chief Logan, interviews have cleared many potential suspects in the murder case.

But he says that a murderer is still out there somewhere, and he will not feel comfortable until their behind bars.

“It’s created a lot of uneasiness in our community,” explained Chief Logan. “These kinds of murders are very unusual in Tuscumbia, and what we want to do is get this case solved, first and foremost for the Davis family.”  

The Alabama governor’s office has approved a five thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for Elbert Davis’ death.

Logan hopes this reward will get people talking, and hopefully get the suspects off the streets.

Tuscumbia olice urge anyone with information about Elbert Davis’s murder to contact the Shoals Area Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 256-386-8685.

You will remain anonymous and be eligible for a cash reward.