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Fighting for You: Hartselle Man Still Waiting On Paycheck Five Weeks After Working Last Day

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HARTSELLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A Hartselle man wishes someone would give him a few bucks. Randel Letson is still waiting on his paycheck. Letson stopped working for a construction company November 1, 2012.  WHNT NEWS 19 talked with Letson and his former boss about the paycheck. The former boss said he'd pay Letson December 1, 2012.

The bottom line is Letson's former boss is wrong. Jeff Horton needs to hand over Letson's money. Horton doesn't deny owing the money. He says Letson quit. Letson says he was fired. The former boss is four days past due on making a payment to the former employee.

Letson hasn't punched a time card in 35 days. He told WHNT NEWS 19 several weeks ago a supervisor with Affiliated Commercial Construction fired him and a friend. WHNT NEWS 19 checked in with Letson on Wednesday.

"I am still not working. I am still not getting any money. Things are not too good," said Letson.

Letson is a husband and father of a three-month-old with another baby on the way.

"I can't get anything done. I can't pay my bills. I lost my car," added Letson.

Letson struggles to support his family on $1,500 a month.

"I can't take my kids to school. I can't do nothing. Everything takes money to do it," added Letson.

Letson first talked with WHNT NEWS 19 more than two weeks after money stopped coming in from his construction job. WHNT NEWS 19 called Letson's boss that day to ask when Letson would be paid.

Horton told WHNT NEWS 19, "I was going to pay them this Friday until I got this phone call that says they are going to my job site and telling people things that are not true."

Horton insisted he would cut release Letson's check December 1, 2012. Letson continued trying to get his money.

"I haven't heard nothing. He won't answer my phone calls. He won't talk to me at all. I left him voicemails. He won't call me back," added Letson.

Letson's old employer is based in Ohio. WHNT NEWS 19 went to Letson's old job site in Madison County to find someone in charge or a work permit. WHNT NEWS 19 could find neither.

"I've called the Better Business Bureau and the Department of Labor Board. All of them give me a big run around like Horton," added Letson.

The construction company's location in Ohio makes it hard to get Letson paid. WHNT NEWS 19 is working with the Alabama Department of Labor to figure out what needs to happen next.