New Survey Reveals Best Wireless Providers

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Smartphones and tablets are on a lot of holiday wish lists. In fact, retailers estimate one-in-three holiday shoppers will buy electronics this year. That means a lot of people will also be shopping for new data plans and service providers.

Consumer Reports recently surveyed more than 63,000 smartphone users about their service providers. Here’s how satisfaction broke down among the major carriers:



For devices with 4G capability however, users seemed to fare best with AT&T.

If your whole family is hooked up with a high-tech gadget, or will be after the holidays, you might consider a “shared” data plan. More and more carriers are going to these plans, which offer a bucket of data usage to be shared across multiple devices on one account. For a family, they can offer savings and the Consumer Reports survey revealed U.S. Cellular on top in that category of users.

If you’re wondering just how much Americans pay for smartphones and service – here’s a shocking figure. According to the survey, the average household spent more than $1,500 dollars on those items in 2012.

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