Teen Driver Survives 40 Foot Plummet in Lacey’s Spring

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Photo by David Schmidt, WHNT News 19

Photo by David Schmidt, WHNT News 19





LACEY'S SPRING, Ala. (WHNT) - "No one noticed I was down there."

Several rescue crews responded after receiving a call early Thursday morning of a vehicle that plummeted off the roadway while heading south up Brindlee Mountain. 16-year-old driver and Arab High School junior Brittany Martinez admits speed was a factor in her accident.

Arab High Student and Wreck Survivor Brittany Martinez

"I was on my way to school and I noticed I was going to be late," explained Martinez. "I was rounding the curve coming up the mountain about 7:03 and I noticed I was taking it too hard so I pushed on my brake but my foot got stuck and I accidentally hit my break and the gas petal at the exact same time and my car just started skidding," she recalled. "I tried to take control of the wheel but nothing was working and I just hit the railing, hit a tree and went all the way down this hill."

First responders say the ability to quickly call 911 was saving grace for Martinez.

"I was just lucky I had my cell phone right there in the center console next to me."

More miraculous, Martinez says, than her survival--and the fact she walked away with mere scratches--was who was not in the car with her Thursday morning. The teen is mother to a ten-month-old baby girl who Matrinez says she frequently drives to drop off at a grandmother's house each morning before school. She says her daughter was the first thing that flashed through her mind as she started down the ravine.

"I'm thinking 'what am I going to do' like who is going to take care of my daughter while I'm here and I just hot and my face slammed forward on the steering wheel and i had to watch myself go down a hill and ask myself 'am I going to be alive after this'.

But Brittany Martinez is in fact alive and well to the surprise of everyone involved.

"The paramedics were shocked I had nothing wrong with me, a little bit of neck injury from the whiplash but other than that I'm perfectly fine."

Martinez says after the close call she has a message for all teen drivers.

"No matter how much a hurry you're in just always be cautious because you never know when life is going to be cut short and I'm just thankful I'm alive today."

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