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Behind the Counter: Lottery Clerks Slammed By Jackpot Rush

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Tennessee, (WHNT) - A constant stream of lottery hopefuls kept stores busy all across the Tennessee Valley on Wednesday.

But it’s not just the customers hoping for a good day.

It's added concentration from behind the counter that helps this operation run smoothly.

At the Southgate Lottery Store near the Alabama-Tennessee state line, there's a big wait for a chance to win the big bucks.

Even with the odds stacked against them, people say it's the glimmer of hope that keeps them buying tickets.

While customers have their eyes on the quick picks, clerks have their eyes on the swarms of people waiting for the next ticket.

“It’s not too bad,” said clerk, Shanna Wilson.  ”Just as long as you help them get what they need, you are in good shape usually.”

Wilson has worked at the store for nearly two years and says a little bit of patience goes a long way on a busy day.

“Really it`s keeping up with everything in your mind because only half of it`s on the computer, but the rest of it is in your head, that`s the hardest thing,” said Wilson.

Wilson says while people are waiting for the Powerball numbers to come up, she will just be sitting down.