Extreme Couponer Says Store Manager Attacked Her

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Germantown, Tenn. (WREG) – A confrontation between a Dollar Tree manager and an extreme couponer turned violent. 

One customer was beaten and bruised, and the store manager is now facing charges.

The incident happened Wednesday at the Dollar Tree in Germantown, and it was all caught on tape.  Our sister station in Memphis, WREG, reports Melissa Monzo-Marte has broken blood vessels in one of her eyes and a bruised, swollen lip.

Monzo-Marte is an extreme couponer, and was trying to cash in several coupons for Advil and other items.  She and her friend Jennifer Hill say the store manager refused to honor their coupons, despite a sign by the front door that says Dollar Tree honors manufacturer’s coupons.

The two women left the store, with one recording the incident on a cell phone camera.  Monzo-Marte said the store manager pulled her hair and punched her in the face.

Police identify the store manager as 32-year-old Shauna Shipman.  She is charged with misdemeanor assault.