GE Personal Security Portable Alarm a Deal!

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - It's a simple design and it costs only $9.99.  The GE Personal Security Portable Alarm is one of those items that has a multitude of uses. Everyone from college students to senior citizens can use the GE Personal Security Portable Alarm.  The design is simple.

You slide it under the door on the inside of your home.   If someone tries to open the door, the 120+ decibel alarm will go off.  It needs one 9 volt battery to operate.  We tested it and it's an easy fit.   You do need a Phillips head screwdriver, one with a very small tip, to take the battery panel off and insert the battery.

It cost $9.99 and would be great for anyone that needs a little extra peace of mind for their home, or for a child who lives away from their parents.

A police officer once told me that the best "anti-break-in" tool you can have in a home or apartment is a loud television or radio.  That way, the bad guys think you are home.  This is a tool to use when you are actually in the home.

The GE Personal Security Portable Alarm is a Deal.