Fighting for You: Ardmore Woman Buys Car On Craigslist, Doesn’t Receive It Or Refund

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ARDMORE, Ala. (WHNT) - A woman's effort to avoid a headache with the hassle of shopping in person has hurt her big time. The Madison County woman set out to buy a car on Craigslist. Alisha Ambrose told WHNT NEWS 19 she made the purchase weeks ago, but still has no car or any money.

Ambrose is left only with a print-out of the car's description, emails between her and the seller and receipts. She hopes the documents will help police put the seller in jail. The story crosses state lines.

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"If it isn't in my hand, you are not getting my money," said Ambrose.

Ambrose used to live by that rule until a couple of weeks ago. She joined others wanting the best bang for their buck with a few clicks on November 5, 2012. The Ardmore woman found a car on Craigslist and paid for it. She exchanged emails with a woman in New York who owned the car. Ambrose worked to complete the transaction with an agent.

"I looked at all this stuff. I had the eBay motor finance case number and all this stuff," added Ambrose.

Ambrose did her homework, but found out it was not good enough.

"She would give the pitiful excuse or whatever, trying to make me feel sorry for her or whatever. I am really the victim in this situation," added Ambrose.

Ambrose was out $1,965.

"I would never get any emails back. Once the money was received, it was like woah, it's the end of that," added Ambrose.

The Madison County woman is left with copies of the emails and receipts of the money she paid.

"The money that I sent to this person has put me in bind, my parents in a bind and everyone that I borrowed the money from to get to this point," added Ambrose.

Ambrose is hoping a report filed with the Madison County Sheriff's Office can help put the car seller in jail. WHNT NEWS 19 called the Havertsraw Police Department in New York. Officers at that department patrol the hamlet of Garnerville.

WHNT NEWS 19 is waiting to hear back from one of them, but do know new york enforcement wants a copy of the Madison County police report.

"Hopefully, if I don't get the car, maybe I can get the money back," added Ambrose.

WHNT NEWS 19 faxed Ambrose's documents to the police department in New York. WHNT NEWS 19 will stay in touch with investigators there to see what they can do to help Ambrose.