Moulton Police Officer Retires After 40 Years

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MOULTON, Ala. (WHNT) - We heard the comment in Moulton today that things would just never be quite the same. Thats because after 40 years with the Moulton Police Department, Boyce Lee Bradford is hanging up his handcuffs. This afternoon, his friends and co-workers gathered for a little get-together for him.

40 years behind the badge is a long time. Officer Bradford has patrolled the streets of Moulton, guarded school crossings, and been a presence in the town for the last four decades.

"I don't think I've made many enemies, I really don't," Bradford says. What he's made is a lot of friends, and a number of them came by city hall today to wish him well in his retirement.  

Moulton Police Chief Lyndon McWhorter tells us, "In 1972 when he was hired by the Moulton Police Department, I was a 7th grader at Lawrence County High School. Uh, during my youth, I had dealings with Officer Bradford a number of times." McWhorter laughed and  continued, "I told him later on, after I became chief, that it's my payback time."

"I've enjoyed it. The people in this city and in Lawrence County have been good to me. There's a lot of good people here. There's some fine people in Lawrence County and Moulton. You know, they supported me and my family for forty years and I'll always be obligated to the people, they've been good to me, you know, they don't owe me anything."

But then again, maybe they do. Officer Bradford touched a lot of lives along the way, and did his best to keep his community safe. And forty years behind the badge is a long time.

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