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“Obol” Is A Deal!

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The Obol is a strange, bizarre looking bowl where the inside has what is called a "swoop-n-scoop" design.

The inside of the Obol is divided into two compartments.  One side is the "crispy reservoir."  The other side is the "mixing section."   The theory is you put your cereal in the reservoir part and the milk in the mixing section.  There is a small groove where you can take your spoon and shove the cereal into the milk.

That way, your cereal never gets soggy.  Frankly, they can put all the cameras on Mars they want because if this, I think, is the sign of an advanced society and proof that man continues to evolve.

You can use the Obol with other foods like chips and dip, chili and cheese or sour cream, or fruit and yogurt. 

I love this thing and it cost $19.99. I bought it at Brookstone.