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In Honor of Halloween, We Have Scary Movie Deal or Duds!

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - It's an important seam in the Halloween culture.  After Junior goes trick or treating, Mom and Dad retreat to the DVD for a scary movie to end the night.

For your approval and consideration, here are our Top Five Halloween Movie Deal or Duds!

We start with the "Duds."

The Howling was one of two movies I have actually walked out of the theater before it ended. It was horrific.  Think Native American shape-shifters and werewolves with Indian stereotypes soaked in bad theatrical blood and it makes for long night...or in my case a short night.

Next is Maximum Overdrive. Hollywood has destroyed a lot of Stephen King content. But this time, King was a participant. He directed this dog that stars Emilio Estevez and is about killer trucks.  

The Happening with Mark Wahlberg is one of M. Night Shyamalan's many recent disasters.   It's a movie about a neurotoxin that makes people commit suicide and it's bad. Real bad.

Next is Dracula 2000.  It's an updated version of the classic Bram Stoke classic that has Gerard Butler playing the Count.   It's not scary and has plenty of unintended laughs.

The Dud winner is a classic from 1972.

I raced to the Princess Theatre to see it based on the movie poster alone which showed a human hand sticking out of a frog's mouth.

It starred Ray Milland.    It's about a helpless group of victims on a southern plantation that one by one die at the hands of nature gone berserk.

Now, here are my Top Five Halloween movie "Deals"

Don't Look Now stars Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland. They play parents touring  in Italy recovering from the death of their child.  They meet psychic sisters who bring a warning from the beyond. 

Next is another old movie.   1964's Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte.  Bette Davis chews up the screen as a southern belle who shows up a party covered in blood and her married lover is found decapitated.

Next is 2009’s House of the Devil. It's a skin crawling, retro looking horror movie about a young girl who answers an ad to baby sit.  It turns out the couple does not have a child. But they have a proposition for her to make $400.   This one does not end well.

And you can't make a Halloween best movie list without...Halloween.

The John Carpenter 1978 classic features Donald Pleasance and features the big screen debut of Jamie Lee Curtis.   The budget was about $350,000 and it's now made almost $75 million. It's a great Halloween ride that will leave you hearing every creak of the house when you finish watch the movie.

And my favorite...

Alien.   The chest-bursting alien with acid for blood had people looking for a place to hide in the theatre when it came out in 1979. Don't be fooled by a 33-year-old movie.  It holds up just as strong now, as it did then.