UPDATE: The Plumber: A Taking Action Hidden Camera Investigation

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(WHNT) - He calls himself a master plumber and has an attractive pitch ready when you come calling.  But beware, one Ardmore man`s business practices are causing consumers to flush money down the drain.

WHNT News 19 took action after the Better Business Bureau of North Alabama contacted us with a history of deceptive practices concerning Tommy Mayo.  Mayo's plumbing business, "A&A Plumbing," has an 'F' rating with the BBB and the complaints against him are piling up. Mayo also operates under another plumbing company called, "A Good Man Plumbing."

The BBB says complainants allege that they paid money up front and the company did not complete the job. They also make claims of poor workmanship and an inability to get the company to return to fix the work.

"If we just had one case like this," said BBB of North Alabama President Michele Mason, "there might be a reason behind it. But when you see this happen over and over, it makes it appear that there has been a lot of thought to this."

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Mason told WHNT News 19 that they asked Mr. Mayo to submit his plumbing license with the state of Alabama. He did not provide the documentation, nor did he resolve the complaints against him. One of his reported victims was Wendy Brock who spoke candidly to us about her predicament.

"People like that don't need to be walking the streets," said Brock. "That's my opinion.  Because that`s how he is making his living, going around stealing ... it's stealing!"

Brock suffers from multiple sclerosis and was bedridden when Tommy Mayo arrived to work on her house.  She said Mayo told her she had some field line issues and needed equipment to get the job done. Brock gave him $800 as a down payment.  He arrived back the very next day to continue the work, but this time said he needed gravel.

"I ended up giving him $1,200 more, on top of the $800," said Brock, "but this time I gave him cash, and haven't seen him since."

Brock was out $2,000 dollars and left with a messy front yard and no solution to her plumbing problems. 

"I just feel like he saw a sucker," said Brock, "and he did."

WHNT News 19 soon learned that Mr. Mayo is also under investigation by the Alabama Plumbers & Gas Fitters Examining Board.  This state agency polices plumbers and requires all plumbing companies to be licensed in the state of Alabama. Mr. Mayo claims to be a master plumber. The Alabama law defines that title as "any person engaged in or proposing to engage in the business of contracting to do, or of superintending the installation, maintenance, or repair of plumbing, or both."

WHNT News 19 wired a home with hidden cameras and called in Tommy Mayo to repair a leaky faucet. He arrived with business cards, claiming to be licensed, bonded and insured.  The Plumbers & Gas Fitters Examining Board confirms he is neither.  His fraudulent behavior has also the attracted the eye of the Huntsville Police Department.

We discovered a recent arrest earlier this month where he's accused of crimes like theft by deception and home repair fraud.  He hasn't paid for those alleged crimes just yet.

We called Mayo up on another service call to confront him about his business practices.  We also asked him to show us his plumber’s license.  He claimed he didn't have it with him.  Huntsville Police were working with us, and as we wrapped up our questions, HPD intervened and issued Mayo an arrest citation.  He has a court date of Wednesday, November 3rd.  We plan to follow this case and will update you if Mr. Mayo shows up to court.

Until then, he's on the streets and Wendy Brock wants everyone in the Tennessee Valley to be on guard.

"He's a crook," said Brock, "and he's good."

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