Read Nick Banaszak’s Updates With The Alabama Battleground Patriots

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WHNT News 19 reporter Nick Banaszak is traveling with the Alabama Battleground Patriots on their trip to Ohio, where they are meeting with undecided voters.  Nick will post frequent updates below.

Nick Banaszak October 26, 20125:34 pm

6:25 P.M. It’s been raining cats and dogs here in Beavercreek, Ohio for most of the day, but that did not stop the BG Patriots from getting out on the street to chat up voters. There’s a lot of enthusiasm on the GOP side in Ohio right now.. Mitt Romney is just down the interstate in Columbus tonight, and a huge crowd is expected to see Paul Ryan in Dayton tomorrow. At the same time though, President Obama still has a solid base of support in the northern part of the state, and can count on a lot of votes from Cleveland/Toledo on election day. Expect the race in Ohio to continue to heat up.

Claire Aiello October 26, 20122:18 pm

From Nick Banaszak: Olen Britnell and Bailey Black of Athens talk with an Ohio voter.

Claire Aiello October 26, 20122:18 pm

From Nick Banaszak: Bailey Black of Athens goes door to door to talk with undecided voters in Ohio.

Claire Aiello October 26, 20122:17 pm

From Nick Banaszak: Photo of Rob and Jeanne Mercer.

Nick Banaszak October 26, 201211:38 am

12:35 P.M. Good afternoon from the Buckeye State! Much chillier today with some rain, much different from the sunny skies and warm weather yesterday. The BG Patriots are still at it though, trudging through the less than ideal weather in search of every last vote. Be sure to tune in to WHNT News 19 at 6:30. I’ll show you how one Athens teen and his grandfather are teaming up for the Romney campaign.

Nick Banaszak October 25, 20129:56 pm

9:55 P.M. Just finished my story on the BG Patriots for tonight’s 10 p.m. newscast. Ran into quite a few Romney supporters today, along with some Obama voters too. But there still appears to be a good deal of undecided voters in Ohio. Going to be an interesting next two weeks in the Buckeye State!

Nick Banaszak October 25, 20121:21 pm

1:15 P.M. Lunchtime and my first chance to post is finally here after a very busy morning with the Battleground folks. I followed Johnny and Vaneesa Turner of Decatur as they went door-to-door in Beavercreek, Ohio, one of the key swing areas in the Buckeye State. We’ll show you what Ohio voters have to say about the election and they’re responding to the BG Patriots tonight on WHNT News 19 at 10!

Claire Aiello October 25, 201210:31 am

Photo by Nick Banaszak: Morning briefing with the Romney campaign.

Claire Aiello October 25, 201210:31 am

Photo by Nick Banaszak: Johnny and Vanessa Turner of Decatur go door to door in Beavercreek, Ohio.

Claire Aiello October 25, 201210:30 am

Photo by Nick Banaszak – Battleground Patriots volunteer Johnny Turner knocks on a door in Beavercreek, OH.

Claire Aiello October 25, 20128:25 am

Update by Nick Banaszak, 9:15 PM Wednesday: Finally in Dayton! Long bus ride with some unexpected delays, but the trip up is worth it for any political junkie. Turned on the TV in my hotel room and got a very quick reminder that this is a real-deal battleground. Political commercials are everywhere, every channel. You can tell how badly both the Obama and Romney campaigns want the Buckeye state. The real action starts tomorrow when the Battleground Patriots start interacting with voters. On a side note, nice to be back in the state I was born and raised in!

Claire Aiello October 24, 20124:58 pm

Update by Nick Banaszak, 4:25 PM: Passing through Sheperdsville, Kentucky about 20 miles south of Louisville. A busy day on the bus! The Battleground Patriots seem encouraged by new poll numbers showing a dead heat in Ohio between Obama and Romney. I’m told the Romney campaign will be conducting a brief training seminar with the volunteers tomorrow morning before voter outreach efforts begin. How will the Ohio voters react? Stay tuned.

Claire Aiello October 24, 20124:58 pm

Photo by Nick Banaszak – Congressman Mo Brooks talks to the bus riders.

Claire Aiello October 24, 20124:58 pm

Photo by Nick Banaszak, showing some of the bus riders.

Claire Aiello October 24, 20124:57 pm

Photo by Nick Banaszak – the bus, before it left Huntsville on Wednesday morning.