Happy Birthday Parkway Place Mall

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)– Saturday, Parkway Place Mall in Huntsville celebrated a big milestone and they invited shoppers from all over the Valley to take part in the festivities.
It’s the shopping destination’s tenth year in business and the property has a storied past in the rocky city.

The Parkway Shopping Center was built back in 1957. It was torn down in 1976 giving birth to Parkway City Mall. In 2002 that mall was all but demolished leaving only one department store before the construction of Parkway Place Mall, a shopping destination with undeniable history.

“We have had people who have posted memories to our Facebook page about how their parents brought them to the department stores when Parkway Center first opened in the fifties,” says CBL Properties spokesperson Jana Kuner, “and we actually had our birthday cake made by Peggy Ann’s Bakery who was one of the first stores to open in Parkway Center back in 1957; she used the same recipe too for the cake.”

But cake was not the only party favor Saturday . A couple of costumed characters posed for pictures and there was even a balloon artist taking requests. Parkway Place says it’s just a small way to give back to patrons but not a gesture  that will be short-lived.

“We’re also kicking off our holiday campaign,” says Kuner, “which is called ‘Give More Happiness’ where the mall will just randomly go out and stop people in mid-transaction and pay for their transaction so that will be happening throughout the holiday season.”

Parkway Shopping center first opened 55 years ago with only 25 stores. Parkway Place Mall boasts 650,000 square feet and 71 high-end shops and department stores.