AMC Employee Speaks Out

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The Army is trying to figure out why hundreds of its employees' personal information was removed from a secure area. The Army Materiel Command revealed last week that one of its employees took the information home. AMC had nothing more to say. The person at the center of the investigation wants to tell her side of the story. She talked only to WHNT NEWS 19.

The Army has not identified the employee. She is also not charged with a crime. WHNT NEWS 19 is not revealing her identity for that reason. You'll hear from her and what she says happened.

The woman at the center of the Army's investigation into the mishandling AMC personal information did not want her face shown on camera. She wants to make something clear. She told WHNT NEWS 19 the Army has it all wrong.

"I have never taken home personal identifiable information and have not mishandled it," said the employee.

An AMC spokeswoman issued a news release Friday. It indicated an AMC employee took hard copy documents to the employee's home in the Huntsville area.

"I told them I had not. I told them I have not taken anything home," added the employee.

WHNT NEWS 19 showed the news release to the woman.

"I have no idea. There were some documents that I had in my desk. They may have gone through my desk, or seen documents there and retrieved them," added the employee.

The woman admitted to WHNT NEWS 19 the documents should not have been in her desk. She claims they got there during a move from another office.

"I tried to shred several times and the shredder was down. I do not know how they ever came to the conclusion that any of the documents had been taken home," added the employee.

The AMC employee tells WHNT NEWS 19 she is a Resource Management Analyst. She says she has worked at AMC for more than a year and worked for AMCOM for nine years prior to AMC.

She believes the investigation started a month ago.

"I was told to get everything out of my desk and bring it to them. I did as they requested. I have cooperated every step of the way," added the employee.

She says AMC officials escorted her out of the office and sent her home October 2, 2012.

"I didn`t understand what was going on. I still don`t. I feel like I have been retaliated against," added the employee.

She believes this all stems from something much bigger than this.

"This actually has been going on since September of last year when I reported misappropriation and mismanagement of funds," added the employee.

She also claims to never have been disciplined at work.  

"I`m terrified. I am terrified. I have never been this afraid in my entire life. Thinking of what could possibly happen and not knowing, when you`ve asked repeatedly what is going on with no one telling you, is terrifying," added the employee.

The Army Materiel Command confirms the woman in our story is their employee. An AMC spokeswoman would not discuss the investigation or the employee's work history. WHNT NEWS 19 also asked about the woman's claim to have reported a mismanagement or misappropriation of funds. The spokeswoman declined to comment on that too.

The employee told WHNT NEWS 19 she is on paid administrative leave.

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