New Ambulance Service For Florence, County Still Undecided

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - The Florence City Council votes to change the ambulance service that runs throughout town, but before a new company will start picking up patients, the council must wait for the Lauderdale County Commission to decide if it will run the same company.

The city council decided to re-bid the job, after using Lauderdale EMS for the past four years.

Florence spokesman, Phil Stevenson says after looking at the two proposals between Lauderdale EMS and Shoals Ambulance Service, the city voted for a change, and went with Shoals.

“There were some concerns voiced about the current carrier`s staffing of ambulances, there were some other concerns brought up but I think that was the main thing,” said Stevenson.

But Lauderdale EMS still has a chance to service patients throughout the county.

The county commission must vote whether to split the city/county joint ambulance contract, which has been in place for years.

“If they agree to enter into a contract with Shoals then we will proceed on, if they do not, then we will just have to make decisions at the city level of how we would handle it,” said Stevenson.

According to Stevenson, it's more cost effective to run one service for both the city and county.

“All in all that would be the preference, but if we can`t get it done, then we just can’t,” said Stevenson.

The commission is expected to vote during their meeting later this month.