Drivers Taking Chances

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - There are new traffic lights at the intersection of Plummer Road and Research Park Boulevard.  The lights intended to control a busy intersection and make drivers safer. Problem is, some drivers are not obeying the law. "With people skipping that red light and going ahead and turning anyway, there's a higher chance for a wreck," says Tyler Thacker, who uses the intersection daily.

The problem, there are now traffic lights for the turn lane on Plummer. Most drivers patiently get in the lane, and follow the light's instructions. Unfortunately, some drivers see the turn lane light cycle to red, and stay in the green lighted straight ahead lanes. Once they pass the turn lane signal, they jump in the lane and turn.  It's not what traffic engineers intended. "I think it's a real bad decision," says Mario Goodloe, another driver who regularly uses the intersection.

One big reason for putting traffic lights at the Plummer Road-Research Park Boulevard location was the safety of drivers using the turn lane. Tyler Thacker says skipping the light negates any purpose for putting it in. He also thinks drivers are still getting used to the new lights.

Most drivers are obeying the traffic signals, and using the intersection safely. It's to answer viewer concerns about those skipping the turn lane light, that we're taking action and talking to traffic engineers. Our idea is to make them aware of the problem, and press for a solution.

We're taking action for you!

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