Runaway Teenager Accused of Stabbing Mother

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) -- A Scottsboro teenager reported as missing over the weekend now faces criminal charges.

Scottsboro police said 16-year-old Tyra Brianna Horton returned home and stabbed her mother repeatedly with a knife.

She is charged as an adult.

A family member of the Scottsboro High School student reported the teen missing Saturday night, but she came home Monday night.

"We weren't notified she returned home but she did, and that night we received a call of an assault, a stabbing at a residence there," officer Scott Matthews said.

Officers responded and found Horton's mother stabbed in the head, neck, and abdomen.

The teenager was gone again.

"I don't think the incident Monday night had anything to do with her being reported missing," Matthews said.

"Just an argument between a child and a mother that escalated and got out of hand."

Officers found her Tuesday, and charged her with domestic violence.

"As she's 16 years old and it was a crime of violence that involved a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument, that's the reason that she is charged as an adult," Matthews said.

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