Lukewarm Corn Dogs, Raw Chicken Dripping On Veggies: Who Doesn’t Cut The Mustard?

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(WHNT) - Raw chicken dripping on veggies, chemicals near your food, and lukewarm corn dogs.  WHNT News 19 is shining the light on local restaurant ratings.

This new segment, Restaurant Ratings, will air every Thursday on WHNT News 19 at 10:00.  Along with the bad, we'll also give props to a restaurant with a high score with our "Golden Spoon" Award.

In this week’s Restaurant Rating’s, we highlight three food establishments that didn’t cut the mustard:

Jo-Mo One Stop Shop
5980 Hwy 31 N. in Tanner
Limestone County Health Department: Score of 80 on 9/18/2012

At this inspection, Jo-Mo One Stop was holding chicken and corn dogs at 107 degrees Fahrenheit (135 degrees F is the minimum temperature for hot holding) and there was no backflow prevention device for a hose which was connected to a faucet in the mop sink.  Both of these are critical violation items.

China One
1441 Sunset Drive in Guntersville
Marshall County Health Department: Score of 54 on 9/12/2012
Follow-up Inspection: Score of 88 on 9/13/2012

At this inspection, officials found blood from raw chicken dripping into carrots, the hot holding food on the buffet was between 90 and 118 degrees Fahrenheit, and dented cans of food, a dirty can opener blade and damaged food containers.
A re-inspection that was conducted the next day and the restaurant scored an 88.

Restaurant el Azteca
2723 Clinton Avenue in Huntsville
Madison County Health Department: Score of 79 on 9/17/2012

At this inspection, health officials found chemicals stored on food prep and food storage shelves, a can opener blade, metal strainer, and knife blades damaged and chicken 72 degrees Fahrenheit, raw shrimp 46 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep in mind, at all restaurants in the state of Alabama, a satisfactory score is 85 or above.  A score of 59 or less would result in an immediate suspension of a restaurant’s food permit and they would close.

An establishment that scores below 85 is required to correct their critical violations within 24 to 48 hours and be re-inspected within 60 days.  A score of below 60 results in closure and the establishment will not be allowed to legally re-open until all critical violations are abated and their inspection score is 85 or above.

This week's Golden Spoon Award goes to King City Buffet in Red Bay.  The restaurant is located at 520 4th Avenue Southeast.  It scored a 99 on its recent inspection!

Want to check the health rating for your favorite restaurant?  The Alabama Department of Public Health puts it at your fingertips in this searchable database.

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