Limestone County Sheriff’s Office Rounds Up Stray Donkeys, Horses

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ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) - Law enforcement and animal control officers in Athens had to spend part of their day tracking down some runaway livestock.  Then, there was the matter of finding their owners.

The Limestone County Sheriff's Office says the issue has become quite a nuisance over the last two years.  On Wednesday, sheriff's deputies say they had to corral five stray horses in Wooley Springs, then found three donkeys behaving badly in the Elk River Mills area.

"They were roaming free, coming up to people's houses, destroying yards and things in their yards," said Chief Deputy Randy King. "It's becoming more of a nuisance and it's very draining on the manpower of the sheriff's department."

The animals were taken to the Limestone County Sheriff's Rodeo arena.  Keeping them there, and feeding them costs money.
Luckily the 'errant equines' were quickly claimed by their owner on Wednesday.  The owner of the donkeys claimed them on Thursday.

Sheriff's deputies urge livestock owners to check fences and also make sure your animals stay well fed, so they don't escape in search of food.

These burros were found Wednesday in the Elk River Mills area. If you own them, please call the Limestone County Sheriff's Office at (256) 232-0111.


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