XHose Fails Fast And We Get Viewer Backup

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MERIDIANVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - We received several emails about testing the XHose.  The XHose is an expandable water hose that expands when water enters it, and then contracts when you turn the faucet off.

You can buy then in various lengths that range from 25 to 100 feet.  The 25-foot XHose cost us less than $30 with shipping and handling.

It's one of those products that if it works great, then it would be a huge asset in the yard. It is lighter and easier to handle. You can roll it up and it takes much less space than your typical hard garden hose.

But the connector that you screw on to the faucet outside a house is plastic.  Most garden hoses have metal connectors.   The first time we tried to screw the XHose on a faucet on a house, it cracked.   A cracked XHose will not work.  We got soaked.  David Pemberton, the homeowner who tested it for us, got a zip tie and basically tied it to the faucet and that closed the crack.  But it still didn't work very well.  We make it a Dud. 

Nancy Dowell, a viewer emailed us about her experience with the XHose and it wasn't good.

  "I waited several weeks to get my X-hose.  Being in a wheelchair I thought this would be the ideal hose it's supposed to be lightweight and practical for my use.  I received it this week and it was a disaster!  I hooked it up to my faucet and it expanded like it was supposed to, but it leaked like a sieve, I followed all of the directions and the on/off knob when I turned it on I got totally showered it leaked so bad!  A total DUD!

 As you can read above, Nancy wasn't happy. There is one thing that I thought was worse than the XHose.  If you want to call or email the company, forget it.  If you go to the website that sells the XHose (you can't get them in stores) there is no toll-free number or email to contact them.   There is a form you fill out and return, with the bad XHose, and wait for refund.

I suspect that falls into the category of "Good Luck."

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