Governor Champions Possible State Employee Retirement Incentive

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) Alabama Governor Robert Bentley supports a plan in the works that could give thousands of state employees the option to retire with a possible  incentive in the form of tax breaks or a health incentive.

Bentley was in Huntsville Wednesday to speak at the Alabama Retired State Employees' Association (ARSEA) conference. The group supported a similar plan back in the mid 90's but is unsure if they will support the one in the works now. 

Supporters say offering state employees an incentive to retire could save Alabama millions of dollars. 

Gov. Robert Bentley talks about a plan in the works that would give some state employees an incentive to retire early. (Matt Kroschel WHNT)

"It continues to right the size of government and we need to continue to get it down to the side it needs to be," Bentley told WHNT News 19.

Opponents to these types of retirement incentive plans say they can have negative consciences on the state.

"Some people refer to it as a brain drain when you have so many highly important and qualified workers leave at the same time," executive director with the ARSEA  Liane Johnson said.

Bentley says the option will not be forced on any employee and certain employees in pivotal  roles like corrections would not be included.

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