Fighting for You: AT&T Removes Rotten Telephone Poles After WHNT NEWS 19 Airs Story

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HARTSELLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A father concerned about a weak telephone pole in his yard no longer has a reason to worry. The rotten telephone pole is gone. The father told WHNT NEWS 19 Venton Blandin he thought the poles could fall on his cars, home or children.

It took Venton Blandin only 2-3 minutes to convince AT&T its old telephone poles needed to be removed from Shane Dutton's yard. Dutton learned early one morning he had gotten his wish.

Dutton and his wife saw it happen. They couldn't believe it, but they are sure of one thing.

"I think we got results and we got results quick! They were out here first thing this morning," said Shane Dutton.

The father of four told WHNT NEWS 19 in another story a rotten telephone made him worry.

"I'm afraid if the pole breaks or gives, the pole can fall and hurt one of the four kids. It can hit one of our vehicles or the corner of our house," added Dutton.

WHNT NEWS 19 showed how another pole leaned against the rotten pole. We learned AT&T owned the poles, so gave the company a call.

Dutton kept thinking one thing.

"I needed something done and you all could get it done," added Dutton.

WHNT NEWS 19's Venton Blandin told the company's spokesman their customer was concerned about safety. The spokesman said he would take care of the Dutton family. It took Venton Blandin two minutes on the phone and one email to get the company's promise.

"It took you all to get that. It did not take us. It took you. I thank you for it. Thanks for the results," said Stephanie Dutton.

The Duttons saw results.

"I had no idea that it would happen this quick," added Shane Dutton.

The results came into play 16 hours after WHNT NEWS 19's initial story aired.

"I got two dogs and heard them barking, so raised up and looked out of the window. That's when I saw about eight trucks sitting outside," added Dutton.

Things might have been blurry at first for Shane Dutton, but quickly cleared.

"It made me happy and told me something is actually being done about it. The safety of my kids is my concern and they are doing what they need to do," added Dutton.

The Duttons only wanted one pole, but AT&T crews brought in three.

"That is awesome. It is awesome. One would have been fine. Like I said, you all take action and get results. I needed results. You all made it happen for me," added Dutton.

The long-time WHNT NEWS 19 viewer now understands.

"It's more than a slogan. It is a way of life," added Dutton.

The AT&T spokesman told WHNT NEWS 19 the company is very grateful to Mr. Dutton and his family for their commitment as customers. The spokesman said the company especially appreciates the family's patience and understanding in this matter.

WHNT NEWS 19 learned the poles had been in place since 1952.

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