Fleas Found In UNA Classrooms

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - Several math classes at the University of North Alabama have been moved to a different building or canceled in recent weeks.  University officials say bugs are to blame.

According to a UNA spokesman, crews sprayed for fleas but the pests may be back.

“Just as long as they get rid of it,” said UNA junior, Olivia Elliott.  “I know they are trying to do everything they can.”

Exterminators came into the math building and sprayed when the problem was first reported a few weeks ago and the building was shut down for 48 hours.  Now students say their classes are being moved again.

“We were waiting outside the classroom and our teacher told us we needed to move because they were back,” said Elliott.

UNA officials say teachers were moving desks in the math building when they found the bugs.

“It definitely has me paranoid, when they told us again today, I found myself kinda itching without realizing it," said Elliott.  "I guess it doesn`t concern me as much as it probably should.  I don`t know, as long as I have a place to take my math class, that`s really the main thing,” said Elliott.

Elliott's class moved to the science building however with just certain classrooms affected, some classes stayed in session in their usual locations.

A UNA spokesman says a math class scheduled in the building went on as scheduled on Monday evening.

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