2 killed, dozens injured when bus from Huntsville crashes in Mississippi

The Hazard Is The Road

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - Decatur's Sydney Tucker isn't happy. Just recently she was driving with a friend, when she had the misfortune to try to cross 19th Avenue at Enolam Boulevard. "It tore up my car. It broke the brackets that hold the radiator on, and tore them up," says Sydney. The bill for that was $430.

It, is the drainage gutter that runs the width of Enolam where it intersects with 19th Avenue. The gutter is deep, and the pavement next to it is scarred by the dozens of times vehicles have bottomed out crossing the gutter. "It's a very terrible spot you know. It tears the bottom of your car out," says driver Cedric Marks.

Both Cedric and Sydney have definite feelings about this particular road hazard. "I think they should fix it. You know, try to do something about it. It's tearing up people's cars," says Cedric.  "The city of Decatur, it's their street. They're not keeping them up," says Sydney.

WHNT is taking action to make sure Decatur officials know about the road hazard. Also, Sydney believes the city should pay the bill for her car repair, and we'll take action on that too.

This particular road hazard is one that could easily be fixed.