Not Happy With Oxo Food Chopper!

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(WHNT) - Like Craig Ferguson says…it’s a great day for America!  We test another food chopper for Deal or Dud.

First of all, let me say the Oxo line of kitchen products is normally pretty good.   But they have a food chopper that works like the infamous Slap Chop. You put the food in the bottom and slam the top and it chops veggies and fruit.  The more you slap the top of the chopper the more pieces you have.

Here is a qualifier to this story. I haven’t found a food chopper, similar to the Slap Chop that works like it’s supposed to work.  Maybe it’s me.  If you have tried a food chopper that falls into this category, and you have one that works, please send me your story so I can update this Deal or Dud. There is no danger of me working for NASA.  Anything with moving parts can be troubling for me. So, if you have one and it works for you, please shoot me an email at

The first problem I have with the Oxo chopper is the same as I do with similar choppers.  If you have to cut the fruit or vegetables to make them fight in the chopper in the first place, why do you need the chopper?    

Second, I may have been hitting the chopper too hard. I didn’t think I was but maybe I was. The Oxo Food Chopper came apart twice while we were cutting up the food.

Third, and this may be my biggest beef with the chopper, on every chopper like this I’ve tried, at some point the food sticks to the blades.  You then have to pick the food out of the  blades and the blades are very sharp.  You can cut yourself very easily trying to get stuck food out of the blades.

It cost $19.99 and I rated it a Dud.  But again, if you have one of these and it works, let me hear from you!

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