Candidates Going High-Tech For Election Season

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The candidates are going high-tech for the 2012 election season, using a number of new tools to engage viewers and hopefully, sway voters.

President Barack Obama held a virtual town hall on the website Reddit, logging on last Wednesday for what's called an "ask me anything" chat. The President answered 10 questions, about everything from his favorite basketball player to the space program. T

"TV appearances, debates and conventions were sort of the only way to speak to a mass audience," Reddit General Manager Erik Martin explained, "Now there are starting to be other channels, other ways to talk directly or talk in some sort of forum. I think that can only improve the access and improve the engagement people feel."

Mitt Romney tried to drum up excitement for his campaign by announcing his Vice President through an app. Although the media largely beat him to it, analysts said it still helped Romney to connect with younger voters.

For more information, watch Michelle Stark's full report from WHNT News 19 at 6:30 p.m.

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