Steamboat Makes Stop in Florence

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It’s one of the largest, modern day steamboats to ever port in the Shoals area.

On Thursday, the river boat unloaded a couple of hundred people to take in the historic sights of Florence.

Tied up to trees along the banks of the Tennessee River, the Memphis based ‘American Queen’ steamboat is on a ten day excursion.

They’re taking their passengers to historic sites along the river.

“When we saw the Civil War sights, I said oh my husband likes the History Channel so that may work,” explained passenger Shirley Vaine. “And so that is how I picked this one, so we could sort of learn more about this part of the country.”

Shirley Vaine and her husband are from San Diego, the two are just some of the 250 passengers touring the city of Florence.

“Everyone is surprised usually when they first come to Florence; they say oh my goodness this is a hidden secret,” said Barbara Broach, Director of Museums for Florence. “But we are trying to let the world know that we are not secretive, that we definitely have a lot to offer.”

The Vaine’s were welcomed to historic Pope’s Tavern in downtown Florence by civil war era actors.

Rolling out the red carpet for passengers interested in learning about what the south really has to offer.

“It’s beautiful, and I almost feel like I would like to see the leaves turning, that might be a great idea too,” said Shirley Vaine.

That will be another trip, for another day.

In the coming days, stops for the ‘American Queen’ are planned for Savannah Tennessee and the National Civil War Memorial in Shiloh Tennessee.

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