The Final Countdown: Race For The Mayor’s Office

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - As the race for mayor wraps up, the final financial picture begins to solidify as well.

Loretta Spencer donated another $50,000 dollars to her own campaign on August 10th. Spencer says she has funded this campaign because she does not like asking people for money. The money got turned around quickly to Lewis Advertising to cover the cost of Spencer's campaign commercial, which is airing on local stations.

WHNT News 19 confirms in this month's finance reports, Spencer spent just over $68,000 on advertising.

Current mayor Tommy Battle says over 500 people have donated money to his campaign. He has out spent both of the other candidates in the race combined.

Jackie Reed has yet to file a campaign financial paperwork.

All of the candidates in the race for Huntsville mayor say the important thing now is to get voters to the polls.