Reports: Daniel Proctor Confesses, Points Investigators to Ex-Wife’s Burial Location

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FORT MYERS, Fla. (WHNT) - Several media outlets in Fort Myers, Florida are reporting that Daniel Proctor has confessed and told investigators where to find the body of his ex-wife Amy Patterson.  Those investigators were in Huntsville for Proctor's trial on theft charges. 

Update: Teams found a body early Wednesday morning in the area.  They haven't said it it's Patterson.  This story is unfolding - click this link for more details.

WHNT News 19 also confirmed through a source that Proctor made a confession Tuesday afternoon.   WINK-TV says investigators have been working a scene about 15 blocks from Patterson's Florida home.  The scene is inside a palm tree farm.

"The Madison County Sheriff's Office has been assisting the Lee County, Florida Sheriff's Office and we have been in contact with each other over the course of the day," said Madison County Chief Deputy Chris Stephens. "The Lee County Sheriff's Office is conducting an ongoing investigation upon which we cannot comment.

Tuesday morning, a Madison County jury convicted Proctor of theft.  Judge Donna Pate sentenced him to two terms of life in prison on those charges, due to prior convictions on his record.

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