Driving Us All Crazy: Mastin Lake Road & Memorial Parkway

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - If you want to find chaos on the streets of Huntsville, look no further than the intersection of Mastin Lake Road and Memorial Parkway.  The south bound lanes of the Parkway are almost always jammed, and drivers coming off Mastin Lake and trying to go south have work to do to merge safely. The situation gets complicated with drivers on the Parkway trying to merge right onto the access road.

"It is very dangerous," says Kennette Tucker.  She works at the business two doors south of the intersection. She says the merging is just out of control.

"The merge lanes, there's no signs saying which way to go," says Kennette.

Drivers know which way they want to do, it's doing it safely that is tough.

There's something else to complicate the situation. Drivers traveling south on the Parkway are getting just past Mastin Lake, and making a hard right into Starbucks, or even the next business.  They'd making the turn in front of drivers moving through the yield sign from Mastin Lake on to the Parkway, and it appears to be a wreck waiting to happen.

Kennette was asked if drivers should be able to make a right turn into Starbucks or even the business where she works.

"Sure, why not. I mean, they have to get into Starbucks one way or another," she said.

Kennette belies the yield sign for drivers turning right off Mastin Lake onto the Parkway should be a stop sign.  More than that, she wants someone to look at the mess. "There needs to be somebody come out here and if they have to sit in my parking lot and watch all of the almost accidents, all of the merging and there needs to be a solution," says Kennette.

The intersection at Mastin Lake is where the refurbished part of the Parkway begins as you head south. It may be hard to find a solution, but WHNT News 19 will take action and talk with state traffic engineers. Accidents and near-accidents at the intersection indicate something needs to be done.

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