Huntsville Police promise zero-tolerance for back-to-school speeders

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A new school year starts on Monday, that means more traffic on your daily commute.

While everyone hates being late, Huntsville Police will be out in full force, at every school, waiting to nab drivers speeding through the school zones.

"We really need their attention, attention with the school crossing guard, attention to what the children are doing, because their behavior is already unpredictable," said Lieutenant Ken Brooks with HPD. "Safety is our major concern in the school zones."

Darlene Davis, Supervisor of Public Safety Aids, says some drivers turn their morning commute into a time to primp, putting other drivers and children in danger.

"We run into a lot of people on their cell phones or putting on their mascara or shaving," said Davis. "We ask people to have both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, and be paying attention to their surroundings."

Davis also says the congested school zones are not the place to take shortcuts.

"Do not stop on the side of the road to let your child out, even if it's on the sidewalk, because the car behind you might not realize it. you could get rear-ended and get yourself hurt, or your child hurt, or the people in the other car. There is a proper drop off place at each school."

As you make your morning commute pay extra attention to those flashing yellow signs. The school zone around the new Lee High School has been extended, starting before Quietdale Drive. Westlawn Middle School and Dawson Elementary have both extended their hours this year, so the school zones will be active later in the afternoon.

School zone speed limits are active 30 minutes before and after school starts and dismisses.