Armistead: Alabama Democratic Party A ‘Farce’

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News release issued by the Alabama Republican Party:

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – In response to the Alabama Democratic Party’s decision to remove their Supreme Court Chief Justice nominee, Harry Lyon, from the ballot, Bill Armistead, Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, released the following statement:

Bill Armistead

“Judge Mark Kennedy and the Alabama Democratic Party have been trying to find a path to relevance in Alabama. Today they decided to remove Democratic Supreme Court Chief Justice nominee Harry Lyon from the ballot, thinking that would help their cause. Unfortunately for them, it will not work. It will only show Alabama voters what a farce the once powerful Alabama Democratic Party has become.

“First they tried to remove Mr. Lyon with a trumped-up charge that he was in violation of the Fair Campaign Practice Act. That charge was completely bogus and thus Judge Kennedy had to find an alternate excuse.

“The second attempt to remove Mr. Lyon shows that Democrats are truly liberal and out of touch with Alabama values. In a 16 page document that was used as ‘evidence’ to remove Mr. Lyon from the ballot, the Alabama Democratic Party provided copies of 28 separate Facebook postings by Mr. Lyon. In 15 of these postings, Mr. Lyon expresses his disagreement with President Obama’s position on same sex marriage and he continually asks Judge Mark Kennedy and Lucy Baxley their position on the issue.  

“Let me be clear, the Alabama Republican Party affirms its support of traditional marriage and stands in opposition to President Barack Obama’s order to the Department of Justice to ignore the ‘Defense of Marriage Act’ and the Democratic Party’s position in support of gay marriage. However the Alabama Republican Party encourages all individuals engaged in this discussion to enter into it respectfully. We do not condone hateful speech by anyone engaged in this debate.

“Democrat support of gay marriage became a national issue when President Obama came out in support of gay marriage. That was followed by the announcement by the Democratic Party that they were going to endorse same sex marriage in their platform. Since then numerous Alabama media outlets have attempted to get a reaction from Judge Kennedy and the Alabama Democratic Party, to no avail. With the removal of Harry Lyon as the Democratic nominee because of his opposition to the Democratic position in favor of gay marriage, it should be clear to every Alabamian just how liberal the Democratic Party has become.

“It should be obvious, now more than ever, that the Alabama Democratic Party has wholeheartedly embraced the extreme leftist views of President Barack Obama and other national Democratic leaders such as Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank. They no longer represent the conservative, traditional views that most Alabamians hold. It is time for all conservatives to unite behind the only conservative Party in Alabama, the Alabama Republican Party.

“I would also like to offer a warning to any candidate that considers qualifying with the Alabama Democratic Party to fill this vacancy. Do so and know that you are joining the election as a member of the Party that supports same-sex marriage and that the Alabama Republican Party will stand shoulder to shoulder with Judge Roy Moore to defeat you and support conservative Alabama values.”