2 Men Arrested for Poaching Deer at Night in Hampton Cove

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Two men are under arrest after they were caught illegally hunting deer in Hampton Cove.

Shortly after midnight Friday, a security guard in Hampton Cove saw what appeared to be an SUV spotlighting or poaching deer. Huntsville Police responded and spotted an vehicle matching  the guard's description at the intersection of the Eastern Bypass and Old Highway 431. 

A wildlife officer was also called in. He found a very young deer clinging to life in the back of the SUV. The wildlife officer was forced to shoot the young deer to end its suffering.

The driver of the SUV gave himself up to police, but the passenger ran off into the bushes. Police brought in dogs and found the passenger about two hours later. 

Both men were arrested on more than a dozen charges.