Turnovers Concern Bobby Wallace

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Florence, Ala. – Turnovers were on the mind of University of North Alabama Head Football Coach Bobby Wallace after the Lions Tuesday scrimmage.

“I thought the hitting was better today on defense,” said Wallace. “We were a little more physical. But we are still turning the ball over too much. We threw two interceptions and lost a fumble and we can’t have that.”
Wallace the offensive line continues to be a concern in the scrimmage periods. 
“Our first group on the offensive line isn’t doing real well,” he said. “We’ve go people going the wrong way, and even doing that on a couple of snaps is too many. Our second group is just lost and doesn’t have a clue, and you can’t expect them to at this point because they are freshmen and have only been here a few days. They’ve got the physical tools to do it but right now they don’t know what to do”
Wallace that has got to change by Saturday.
“When we scrimmage Saturday they have to know what they’re doing,” he added. “We’ll just be two weeks away from our first game at that point and we’ll have to make decisions about who can help us this year.” Wallace did mention three of the newcomers on the second team offensive line that are making progress in Haston Coates of Pleasant Grove, Ala., Jesse West of West Points, Ala., and Trey Tidwell of Muscle Shoals. 
Wallace said UNA starting quarterback Chris Alexander must also continue to improve. 
“He’s our clear-cut first guy, but he is making too many poor decisions,” Wallace said. “He did a couple of really good things today running the option, but the passing game isn’t there yet.”
Courtesy UNA Media Relations