Driving You Crazy: Too Many Wrecks On Lincoln Road

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Tenn. (WHNT) - Ask anyone who uses Lincoln Road in Lincoln County, and they'll tell you the intersection with Highway 231-431 is dangerous. Michael Battle lives right next to it.

"About the most dangerous one I've seen," says Michael about the crossroads. He should know since he's often the first one to a wreck, and he says it's scary.

Just last week, a driver pulling out into 431 was struck by an 18 wheeler.  His pickup truck was destroyed, and the driver was flown to a hospital in Nashville. Luckily, his injuries turned out not to be life-threatening, though that's not always the case. There's a cross next to the intersection marking a fatality.

One problem at the intersection is the visibility.  Drivers on Lincoln Road have to contend with a high bank as they look back to their left.  The situation is complicated by drivers coming from that direction cresting a hill as they approach the intersection. The sight line isn't very long for oncoming traffic doing 70 MPH or faster.

Tennessee traffic engineers have apparently recognized the danger. There's an oversized stop sign on Lincoln Road, and a flashing caution light for drivers on the highway. It's not enough.

Brian Norbett had his own wreck at the intersection a few years ago. He admits it was his fault, but he says the intersection needs help to stop wrecks that happen on a regular basis.

"The bottom line, it needs a traffic light in my opinion, and I've heard the same things said by other people who live in the area," said Norbett.

Remember, both the highway and Lincoln Road are busy, which makes the situation at this intersection even more complicated. Because the intersection needs help, WHNT News 19 is taking action and discussing the situation with both county and state officials.  A traffic light may be the best solution, and we'll definitely push that idea.