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Potential Future Sites For Champions Bowl

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When the SEC and the Big XII Conferences announced they would pit the winners of each league against each other in the Champions Bowl, one detail that was not finalized was where the game would be played.

Several sources say the leagues have narrowed the field down to a couple of cities: Arlington, Texas and New Orleans.

Arlington has Cowboys Stadium, the largest domed structure in the world.  It also hosts the Cotton Bowl which also pits teams from the SEC and the Big XII Conferences.

There's more history though in the Big Easy.  The city has hosted the Sugar Bowl every year since 1935 except once.  It also has always had a tie with the SEC since its inception.

Sources also say Nashville will not submit a bid for the bowl, which is due August 22nd.  The head of the Chick-fil-A Bowl told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution it will likely submit a bid but understands it will be difficult to earn the nod.