Avoiding Complacency in Hartselle

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Head Coach Bob Godsey gave his team just two weeks to celebrate their first State Championship. After that, he and the Tigers went back to work focusing on doing it all over again. 

"I really don't think complacency is going to be an issue," says Godsey. "Our leadership has been excellent and our work ethic has been tremendous,"

Hartselle will rely on their 15 seniors to lead the way on both offense and defense. They can't afford to feel good about last year's success any longer if they want a chance to win now.

Linebacker Tyler Phillips admits it's been a struggle to stay motivated at times but that everyone is on the same page. "We have just tried to forget about the past. We know this is a new year with new opportunities."

The success of last season's team brings with it plenty of new challenges for this year including three 6A teams on the schedule. Hartselle opens their season on August 31st against Hillcrest Tuscaloosa.