Local Elections: Why Your Vote Really Matters

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney prepare for a showdown.

The White House draws political giants, and their clamoring, racing footsteps make it easy for smaller local races to get lost in the din.

But take a second, stop, think about it.

"Local government services are the most critical services rendered on a daily basis by governments in the United States," explains WHNT News 19 Political Analyst Dr. Jess Brown.

He has a point.

"Whether you look at the immediate fallout from 9/11 in New York or the immediate fallout of April 27th of 2011, tornado day here in north Alabama, it was the services of local government we missed the most and we missed first," states Brown.

Plus, presidential battles may draw political giants, but the giants in local races are voters.

That's you.

Dr. Brown adds, "In these non-partisan city races, you tend to get turn-out that is much, much lower than the general election for president or even governor, and mathematically that makes each vote more important."

So maybe we should shake our sole fixation on national politics and take a look at what's happening just down the road.

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