New Equipment For Athens-Limestone Hospital

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ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) - Athens-Limestone hospital has a new tool to help surgeons during hip replacement. It’s called the Hana Table. It allows patients to lie flat on the table instead of the traditional method on a patient’s side.

The patient’s feet are put into devices that look like ski boots. A lever allows the surgeon to control the placement of the leg. This allows a direct anterior approach, so that the surgeon doesn’t have to cut through the muscle.

There are many benefits to this, from faster recovery time to allowing x-rays during surgery. It also allows stability of the hip. According to orthopedic surgeon Dr. Patrick Boyett, “By doing the surgery through the old approach there was about a seven percent dislocation rate in patients who had hip replacement surgery at some point during the life of that hip.” Dr. Boyett adds, “With the new approach, we’ve reduced that number to less than one percent.”

The hospital’s foundation paid $80,000 for the machine.