Man Makes “One Lap Of Alabama” To Drive Away Cancer

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A Birmingham man has found a way to combine his love for British cars and his desire to help Alabama's Cancer patients.

Ruben Greenwood was inspired to get in his black Mini Cooper and drive around the state of Alabama to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Greenwood has never had cancer, nor has anyone in his family. He decided to dedicate the trip to a friend's daughter, who passed away after a long struggle with bone cancer.

So far Greenwood has 1,000 miles behind him, and a few hundred more to go. He started his journey in Birmingham, making stops Auburn, Mobile, Huntsville, and everywhere in between.

Along the way, Greenwood has met with cancer survivors and family members of those who lost their battle with the disease.

"These people have incredible strength that I don't think I could have myself," said Greenwood. 'I've told so many of the people I've met to take pride in how far they've come and have faith in how far they can go."

Greenwood says he doesn't know how much money he's raised since he started his trip and doesn't have any set goal. Instead, he'll use this year's total to set the goal for his  next fund-raising trip across the state.

You can follow his journey and learn how to donate to his cause on the One Lap Of Alabama Facebook page.