Local Sikh Community Honors Lives Lost In Milwaukee Shooting

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Sikhs close every worship with a blessing for all humanity. So when one man attacked a Sikh temple in a Milwaukee suburb, killing 6 and injuring two others, they struggled to find reason.

Friday evening members of the local Sikhs gathered for a memorial service, to honor the lives lost and express compassion and unity.

"We tend to revere life, we tend to respect it, we tend to want to preserve it in any way we can," said Ashok Mahbubani, a member of the local Sikh community.

Though the shooting happened hundreds of miles away, the pain was felt right here.

"I had never thought that at a place of worship something like this could happen," said Gurcharan Kur Mehta, another local Sikh. "I was filled with grief and sadness for our entire community."

 That grief has been felt by people of all faiths and backgrounds. Muslims, Christians, and Hindus left their differences at the door of the gurdwara, replacing them with traditional Sikh head coverings and compassion for their fellow man.

"We all feel very connected," said Mahbubani. "Any loss of life, it doesn't matter who, it doesn't matter where or when, is something we always take very seriously, and it saddens us."