Security Systems Offer “Jetsons” Home Environment

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The cartoon The Jetsons made all of us wonder - what would it be like to have a high-tech house? One filled with voice-controlled gadgets and supercomputers?

Companies like AT&T, Lowes and XFINITY are working to make that fantasy a reality with some new offerings in home security. Although those companies aren't typically associated with the industry, they're getting in the game in a big way with high-tech offerings.

"We have control of things like lighting. We have energy management with the use of our new digital thermostat," Comcast Senior V.P. Mitch Bowling said, describing some of the features of an XFINITY Home system. 

WiFi devices let the security system communicate with appliances and electronics, so users can set up a system to do all kinds of things automatically - like flick on the lights when a door opens.

AT&T's Digital Life offers unique conveniences too, like the ability to lock and unlock doors remotely from a smartphone or tablet.

You should always read the fine print when considering a high-tech home security system, since each one will offer different features. You can click on the links to learn more about offerings from AT&T, Lowes and XFINITY.

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