Decatur High School gets $5 Million in New HVAC System and Lighting

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Students at Decatur High School will be coming back to a very "cool" new look and feel to their building, literally.

This summer the school underwent a $5 million overhaul of the air conditioning system and lights.

District officials called it a huge project that's not completely finished yet, but they wanted show it off anyway.

"New drop ceiling, new lighting," said Superintendent Dr. Ed Nichols.  "Just gutted the whole process and put a new system in."

He said It will be ready to go by the beginning of class, providing students cool classrooms, since three-fourths of the whole system was replaced with new heating, ventilation and air conditioning mechanisms.

Furthermore, it'll all be easier on students' eyes, since there are now new lights to replace ones put in 40 years ago.

"When you walk down the halls, all those conduit pipes that used to run down the hall, those lights that have been in there since the 70's (will be gone) and you'll have new florescent lights," said Nichols.

However, when the construction crews leave, there will still be work to do.

"When the lights come back on we're gonna realize we need to paint the halls," said Nichols.

He plans to turn that into a painting party for all parents and school staff.

"The Superintendent's going to get a can and a brush, the principal's going to get a can and a brush and parents come in and we're going to freshen up the hallways and things, once we get the floors waxed," said Nichols with a smile on his face.

It's perhaps the next best thing to a brand new building to make it easier and cooler to go to class.

Nichols says the project was paid for through special low interest loans from the state, which he says saved the district thousands of dollars in the long run.

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