Replacement Work Coming To Flint River Bridge Over Winchester Road

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - The second round of phase one federal ATRIP funding announced by Governor Robert Bentley in Madison on Monday includes road improvements spread out over 61 Alabama counties.

ATRIP is an acronym for the Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program.

“With these additional projects, we are moving closer to our goal of improving the safety of roads and bridges throughout Alabama,” Governor Bentley said.  “Many of our bridges are in desperate need of repair or replacement.  Many of our roads are outdated and cannot handle current demand.  Through ATRIP, we are able to make needed improvements to enhance public safety and quality of life in our communities.”

The Flint River bridge will soon boast four lanes on the highly traveled Winchester Road.  A new bridge will be built to replace the old two-lane version.

County commissioners and state representatives say it will mean more than just 'elbow room' for Madison County residents.

Madison County District 1 Commissioner Roger Jones with state representatives Wayne Johnson, Jim Patterson & Mac McCutcheon (PHOTO: David Wood WHNT)

"The county would have never had enough money to replace this bridge," said Commissioner Roger Jones.  "It's about an $8.5 million project."

Now, the county will only have to contend with a $1.6 million match.  State Representative Mac McCutcheon, also a member of the ATRIP committee, says the opening up of Winchester Road in the Buckhorn area will mean safer travels and fewer congested school routes, and will also make way for significant economic development in one of the fastest-growing areas of Madison County.

The current Flint River bridge will stay open during construction of the new four-lane bridge. Work is expected to begin by mid-December.