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Drivers Ignore “No Turn” Signs

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) - On the south side of the intersection of Wall Triana Highway and Highway 72 in Madison there's a problem. There are entrances to both McDonald's and Hardee's that are designed to keep drivers on Wall Triana from turning across traffic into the restaurants. Drivers are ignoring the signs.

Over and over again, drivers turn across three lanes of traffic into both establishments, despite signs prohibiting the turns, and entrances clearly designed to stop the practice. There also yellow, ball-like barriers on one side of the mid-road turn lane. Those barriers are to keep drivers from turning across the turn lane improperly.

Rebecca Young drives through the Wall Triana-72 intersection daily, and she says drivers who illegally turn into the Hardee's and McDonald's cause traffic to inconveniently back up, but that's not the worst part of the problem. "It's very dangerous. I've seen multiple accidents there, head on collisions," says Rebecca.

Observing the problem on Wall Triana for just about an hour, we saw multiple drivers ignore the signs and use the restaurant entrances improperly.  One driver turned in front an unmarked police car and that driver got a ticket.

Rebecca Young wants something done so drivers are unable to use the two entrances improperly, even if they want to. "Oh, I want it fixed right away. I was pleased to see they were trying to fix it. Now that I see drivers are still breaking the law, it's even more frustrating," says Rebecca.

WHNT News 19 is taking action and discussing the situation with Madison City Traffic Engineers. An effort has already been made to stop the illegal turns, but it appears more needs to be done. We will stay on it.