Several Tennessee Valley schools cancel after school activities Monday due to weather concerns

Florence City Schools Launch Video Campaign To Combat School Absence

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Students missing school in the Florence school district sparks a video campaign.

School officials enlisted the help of area youth pastor, James Adams to play a part, in what the superintendent calls a public service announcement.

But Adams is just one of many community members who signed on for a role.

“We realized the problem was greater than within our doors and we wanted to enlist the support of our community at large in helping us address this issue,” said Dr. Janet Womack.

Womack says the city schools calculated more than 49,000 full day absences last year which breaks down to an average of 12 per student.

“Each day is seven hours of instruction time and when you are talking about subject matter and everything being a building block for the next step, it’s so important they do not miss that,” said Womack.

The video will be played throughout the community and during orientations, in order to reach as many people as possible.  Dr. Womack wants to build an awareness to make parents and neighbors, and the entire community responsible for getting kids to school.

“We want our students to be there, and we will take our focus of be there all across everything we do, because if you will be there, you will be successful,” said Womack.

The 90-second video will be launched at orientation.

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